søndag den 10. marts 2013

Mirka Fortuna WIP [01]

Finally I get to start this beauty! So now you can get to follow my slow progress on Mirka Fortuna from Trinity Blood!

Basic pattern making! Used the cheapest linen fabric I had lying around for it, and pinned it around my dress form, and got cracking with a marker, and then a scissor.

Friday two weeks ago I had a cosplay session with my one of my partners for this Trinity Blood project, Kami, where we first went out and found fabric, and then spend a whole weekend just sowing. (and so far I've spend around 190$ on her on just fabric. Darrrrn)

Decided to add some things you iron on, and that stiffens up the fabric, so make sure the cut outs could hold their shape!

And this is the sleeve after a weekends worth of work. I have now also finished the other sleeve, but it has been too dark to get a proper picture, so you will have to wait for that!

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