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2012 in cosplay, and what about 2013??

So now 2012 is over, and I decided to put a neat little cosplay flashback together here on my blog! I am SO SO sorry it has been so dead lately, but I have not really been doing anything cosplay related during my stay here in Japan (believe it or not).
But as soon as I get finals done, I shall go out and by my first multipurpose boy uniform and then I will probably upload some make up tests because I am way more excited about Lychee Hikari Club than I should be, ever.

Starting off with what I actually created this year. Not too bad considering I only had spring and summer to sow in. The biggest challenge this year was actually Mephisto, because he is the first proper man I have ever cosplayed (sorry Gian), and also I really REALLY wanted to sow a proper jacket with full lining in the inside. Of cause I screwed up a little with the attachment of the sleeves on the inside, but all in all, for the first time I ever lined something, I am pretty proud of the outcome.
Hiccup was probably the fastest costume I ever had to make. I had about three weeks to finish Camille, Mephisto and Hiccup from when I got back from England. And also make Serahs bag, that little.... grrr.
I have no idea how I did it, but I must say I am pretty darn proud of my self for doing that, and the result was also pretty good imo. So despite the fact I would have liked to spend WAY more time on Hiccup to make more details and embroidery stuff, I am actually pretty happy with the costume. Also please note I wore Hiccup after having worn Mephisto, meaning I had grown man make up, beard shade and evil eyebrows. And no make up remover. But again, for some reason I got lucky that day and did get Mephisto transformed into a decent Hiccup. - but I feel bad for my concealer and foundation haha.

As for photo shoots, yea. I got these three done? 8D;
I am really bad at asking people to go out with me and take pictures of my costumes (heck I still don't really have any pictures of Rin and I so love that costume), so that is why I have to little proper shoots of my costumes compared to some other Danish cosplayers. Oh well, guess getting photo shoots in the same year as I finish a cosplay could be a new years resolution for me? 8D;;
- and a shout out to Zuum for being the best photographer, going out for proper location shoots and keeping up with my awkward poses and face. 

Ok, so I might not have that many photo shoots under my belt, but I do actually have quite a lot of video promos though!
- again, Zuum is love. 

Film and edit: Zuum

Film and edit: Zuum

Film: Zuum Edit: Kami

Film: Zuum Edit: Kami

Film: Kami Edit: Me

BUT what does the future holds for me? Let me show you!

My first convention this year will be J-popcon. Hopefully I will be back in shape by then and ready to wear Artemis once more. I really like wearing her, I just need to style the wig a little better though!
And Takashi, I shall have the most sexy harem of girls around me. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Next up we have Desu Con in Norway! I love that convention so much, and I really want to bring my A game every time! So this year I finally get to do a cosplay I have been dreaming of for AGES.
Ever since I read Trinity Blood for the first time, and got to see Mirka, I was just in love with this dress, and getting to make it this year with such an amazing group is just perfect. For all of you curious we will be Kami as Ion, Zuum as Astharoshe and Louise as Esther.

Finishing the con year for me will be these three lovelies. It is so wired to think about my con year will be over in the summer.... So I might have to travel out of my comfort zone to cosplay a little more. I cannot deal with such a long 'break' haha!
Ok so my costumes for Genki. 
If you know me very well (which not many do) I have loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings since I was a child! They were my first magical epic (yes, even before Harry Potter. Maybe that is why I am not that hardcore into it, I got my shot fluffy men), and now I have an amazing group to do it with. We will be Louise as my Pippin and thus me as Merry, which is just pretty much as accurate as it can get relation wise. And then we have Kami as Frodo and her BBF Hayes will join as Sam. FUNNY STORY: we talked about doing a LOTR group over Christmas, but we were unsure of if Hayes would want to be Sam, because some people are bumholes and do not understand how amazing Sam is. But luckely, Hayes is not one of the said bum holes, and he actually wrote Kami asking her to be his Frodo. How perfect best friends do we have?? - only awkward thing will be Frodo and Merry kissing haha
We might not cosplay these lovely fellas at Genki, I just put Merry up there so I would get my ass in gear and get him done by then!
And then Militarystuck happened. Shut up. She is hot and I like the bum thing, so I could not say now.
IF IF IF IF I am pleased with Mirka, I will probably enter her in the craft competition at Genki, seeing as I got so many sad faces when I told I would not enter with Serah. Haha peer pressure desu.

And as any other cosplayer, I have more dreams than there is conventions (and I can afford), so here is my "I shall do them at one point". This is NOT a maybe list regarding if I will do them or not. I know set in stone I want to, but I just do not know when haha.
Oh, yes. I do also have some 'secret' costumes planned, but I do not really like when people do that whole 'mysterious black spot shape' in things like these, so you just get to see what I am working with behind the scenes when I actually finish them! ;D

 So this is what you have to look forward to, I hope you will keep on following me, and I am so grateful for the ones who already takes their time and follow this blog.
Take care!

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