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Serah Farron [WIP]

So this post will NOT be a in depth tutorial about how I made my whole costume, but more a collection of photos of some parts of the progress (simply because I sometimes forget to document everything), but if you do have a question about anything, please just contact me! I am not one of those cosplayers that treats my costumes and their construction like company secrets XD

I split the dress up in three parts: the white under dress, the pink/rosa front and back parts and the side parts. The white under dress is spandex on the top, and just basic white cotton at the stomach and bottom, because that is not really showing anyways.
The pink/rosa parts are made from cotton also with a brown pleather trim. One part of the sides are sown with buttons so I can open them while taking the dress on (bottom right picture). For the gold buttons on the front and back I just got some I found fitting and hot glued them on (not the best solution but I manage anyways)

Basically a lot and even more layers of fabric cut in the shape I wanted. And all the small gold squares are hand glued on. Boo :C

The base of Serah's front shield is made out of fun foam and so it the rest of the details too. It was basically just a matter of having a steady hand and cutting in an angle so the raised details would blend in better.

After A LOT of coats of thinned glue I spray painted it all gold, and my best bro Louise painted the base brown for me because I am too inpatient to do stuff like that.
- the grey thing under the shield is made almost the same way, but I used some thin styrine as a base instead of fun foam

I hate and love making gloves... Fuu.
And the details are made out of fun foam coated in glue (and black paint job is done by Louise again, I hate painting stuff)

The leg things. Made in Lycra spandex, stretch gold fabric, white spandex and brown pleather. The gold parts around the knee is just pinned on and then sown onto the base. And I did not choose to do it on the back of the leggings, I think it is too much tbh. Artistic freedom! And the top square part is a mixture of fabric paint and a black copic marker. The marker worked the best on the gold fabric it turned out 8D;

Armbands. Styrine base, fun foam raised details, glue, spray paint, le done.

I really liked doing the bag, but it was at the same time the most tricky part of the costume, because it had to be dead on precise. But in the end it turned out pretty good. The belt part is fun foam with gold fabric sown onto it, and it had a Velcro closing inside of my bag. The bag itself is made out of white pleather, and has a turquoise satin lining. In between those two layers there is some thick almost paper like fabric to stiffen it a little. The bottom squared patterned fabric is just basic cotton that I painted with black fabric paint. Details in fun form and paper clay.  

My first tryout before Desucon. Since then I made the bag and remade the shoes. 

- from DesuCon, before new shoes and bag. 

And here is how it looked at Genki with my lovely Maqui and sexy as f*** Noel.

 is my ship that visible?

 Thank you so much for looking through this long entry! Next time you see Serah hopefully it will be as a proper photo shoot <3

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