søndag den 1. juli 2012

Secrets in the blood. [Madame Red Photoshoot]

So first post on my new cosplay blog, better start this off with a bang right?

So Madame Red was the first really 'big' cosplay I made in 2010. I am actually still quite proud of myself, being able to sow a costume like this all alone, and I am now happy to be able to show her off in a proper photo shoot at a beautiful location.

Madame Red is by FAR my favorite character in Kuroshitsuji. Both her story and personality really spoke to me, and I quite like her role in the story. I really wanted to bring forth a sense of elegance and detail in my costume, hence all the lace I added to the original design. And to really accentuate the Victorian fashion I made a butt pillow and made the bow really big and fluffy to get the right silhouette. 

It was also the first time I tried to have a promovideo done. It was a lot of fun and it can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Manga/Anime: Kuroshitsuji
Character: Angelina Durless-Barnett (Madame Red)

Photo by: Kami Renee
Cosplayer: Me
Edit: Kami Renee

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