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Mirka Fortuna WIP [02]

So another WIP post! Quite a lot of things happned since last time, so I hope to show you what have gone down since last time!

Here I have added most of the plain fabric gold trim and attached the collar. I am not 100% happy about how the collar turned out, but oh well, just gotta deal with it!

And this is why I refer to Mirka as "the Pin Monster". Every time I pin ANYTHING on her, I end up using SO many of my needles :C
- at this point I  have also added some small 'pillows' to the poof part of Mirka's sleeves, just made them from left over lining fabric and some tulle. Gives the poof effect I was looking for!

But while crying over pinning anything, I added more gold fabric to the 'holes', hand sow the sharp edges and added some satin to the front, so I could tie them as bows.
I also added some of the gold trim to the bottom, arm hole and 'boob cutout' area.

Details of the arm hole thing!
- and might I add this whole monster is completely lined on the inside? I am actually rather proud of how it turned out in the end! I am a LITTLE unhappy about having to sow the gold trim on top of the gold fabric, but I recon there was no other way. Boo boo.

I also added some gold rope to the top of the collar by hand (so much hand work on this costume fuuu) to hide the fact my lining want to get a divorce from the party satin. It is so annoying, but I realized gazing into my references, I am actually on point here, because she do have some detailing on the collar too.

SKIRT TIME!! You might be able to see it a little here, but here is the break down of the skirt:
One chiffon layer. (pink)
One party satin layer. (pink)
Two tulle layers. (white)
One lace layer.
Two tulle layers. (white)
One wedding tulle layer. (off white)
Two tulle layers. (white)
One tulle layer. (white)
Two tulle layers. (white) I THINK MAYBE. I lost count
One chiffon layer. (pink)
- generally, if there is a layer, there is two rows of tulle (one being 10 cm and one 20) for poof. 

All the layers are made out of a full circle skirt, with the hole moved a little off center to get the 'mullet' skirt effect!

How some of the inner parts looks. This is the white tulle layer with two extra rows of tulle for poof, and then the wedding tulle layer (off white pink ish) with some white tulle rows too.

And here is the skirt (with two pettis under because I  just cannot be asked to take them off, but it looks like this on too. Thank you hips and butt). I absolutely HATE the zipper. It's poo. But I will have a big flap thingy hanging over it, so it is okay... but I am still embarrassed about how awful I sew it on :C

And here I have pretty much finished her sleeves by adding the two bows! I just need to add a red stone and some gold rope under the bottom ribbon, but I already know how I want to go about doing this, fufufu.
You can also see I have added zippers to the front, because I just do not trust satin ribbons to keep my boobs private haha.

Next up is the hat and the ass flap thingy! Hopefully I will finish the ass thing during next week, wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by~

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